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Dead Prez & DJ Green Lantern - Pulse Of The People (Turn Off The Radio Vol. 3) [2009]

ARTIST: Dead Prez & DJ Green Lantern
TITLE: Pulse Of The People (Turn Off The Radio Vol. 3)
LABEL: Invasion Music
GENRE: Hip-Hop
GRABBER: EAC (Secure Mode)
ENCODER: LAME 3.97 / -V2 –vbr-new
QUALITY: 169 Kbps Avg / 44.1 KHz / Joint Stereo
PLAYTIME: 0h 47min 06sec total
SIZE: 60.35MB
RELEASE DATE: 2009-06-23
RIP DATE: 2009-06-19


01. WRBG 0:11
02. Runnin’ Wild 4:28
03. Don’t Hate My Grind (Feat. Bun B) 4:54
04. Warpath (Feat. Ratfink) 3:39
05. Gangsta, Gangster (Feat. Styles P) 4:01
06. Afrika Hot! 3:22
07. NYPD (Feat. Johnny Polygon) 3:11
08. Summer Time 3:54
09. Refuse To Lose (Feat. Chuck D & Avery Storm) 3:32
10. Life Goes On 4:13
11. Helpful 2:26
12. Pulse 0:49
13. $timulus Plan 4:58
14. My Dirty Valentine 3:28


Stic.man and M-1, the revolutionary duo that comprise dead prez, combine
forces with DJ Green Lantern for Pulse of The People, a new LP
and third installment of their critically acclaimed independent series, Turn
off the Radio Vol. 3.

Due in stores June 23, 2009, Pulse
of The People will be released through Green Lantern’s new label, Invasion
Music Group/Boss up Inc. Pulse of The People features guest
appearances from Styles P, Bun B, K’Naan, Chuck D, and Invasion Music Group’s
own Johnny Polygon. Includes a bonus DJ Green Lantern download card featuring
15 minute Invasion Music Group mix and
access to DJ Green Lantern’s ringtone store.

This album one of the first in the hip-hop community to recognize the
necessity to for the hood to go green. dead prez is taking steps toward
sustainability in its packaging of Pulse of the People. Each album will carry
a recyclable logo. The packaging will be made with 30% recycled paper and
100% recycled plastic.

Don’t forget to support the artists! We did.



Disc One

01 03:17 Blitz Inc. (featuring King Syze & Esoteric)
02 04:07 Watch Yo Step (featuring Percee P & Guilty Simpson)
03 03:25 Silence (featuring Outerspace)
04 03:26 Folklore (featuring Mr. Lif & Dumbtron)
05 03:43 Walk With Me (featuring Gutta)
06 03:50 The Wait Is Over (featuring Doap Nixon & Reef The Lost Cauze)
07 04:58 Raw (featuring Randam Luck)
08 02:29 The Fusion Centre (featuring Canibus)
09 02:34 The Game (featuring Apathy)
10 03:25 A Bullet Never Lies (featuring Ill Bill)

Disc Two

01 04:38 Speak Now (featuring Apathy, 7L & Esoteric)
02 03:15 Suckaz (featuring Supernatural)
03 03:53 The Omen (featuring Block McCloud)
04 03:37 Pretty Little Whores (featuring D-Tension & Outerspace)
05 04:44 Told U (featuring Brooklyn Academy)
06 04:32 The Killing Fields (featuring Outerspace & King Magnetic)
07 04:12 And Now (featuring King Syze & Apathy)
08 04:00 Brute Force Ii (featuring Outerspace)
09 04:45 Urban Gorillas (featuring Sabac Red & Q-Unique)
10 04:28 Liberal Arts (featuring Canibus)
11 04:12 This Is War (featuring 7L, Esoteric, Crypt The Warchild, King Syze & Planetary)


DJ JS-1 - Ground Original 2 No Sell Out (2009)

DJ JS-1 - Ground Original 2 No Sell Out

Title [Ground Original 2 No Sell Out ]
Artist [DJ JS-1 ]
Label [Ground Original ] Genre [Hip-Hop ]
Quality/Size [44.1 @VBR 88,1 MB] Ripped [06-22-2009 ]
Grabbed from [CDDA ] Enc [Lame 3.97 V2 ]
Website [http://djjs1.com ]

Track Time Title
– — – — - -

01 00:30 Rahzel - Intro
02 03:00 Large Professor Ft. PMD - Like This
03 03:57 KRS-One and Canibus - Clear N’ Present Danger
04 04:40 Chino XL, Sean Price and Killah Priest - Murder
05 04:26 CL Smooth, Brother Ali and Sadat X - Nuthin’
06 03:43 Aesop Rock, C Rayz Walz and Vast Aire - Karma
07 03:38 OC and Pharoah Monch - Ridiculous
08 04:06 Nutrageous, Copywrite and Jak D - Sum Rap Shit
09 03:56 Termanology, Punchline and Rugged Intellect -
Runnin’ This
10 04:09 Ill Bill, Virtuoso and Slaine - I Dont Mind
11 01:01 DJ Premier - No Sell Out Interlude
12 05:38 Craig G, Jak D, Blaq Poet, Trez and Big Noyd - On
The Map
13 02:53 Vinnie Paz - Men Of Business (The M.O.B.)
14 04:10 Torae, Pumpkinhead and Block Mccloud - Bang Da
15 03:50 AG, Craig G and Edo G - Original G’z
16 03:53 C Rayz Walz, Jak D and Poison Pen - No Comparison
17 03:26 Akrobatik, J-Live, Supastition and Pack FM - Too
18 04:02 EMC
(Masta Ace, Stricklin and Punchline) - I Knew A Girl
19 02:54 Wordsworth and Rahzel - What’s Happening
20 03:41 Rakaa Iriscience, C Rayz Walz, Krondon and
Q-Unique - Rock Steady
21 05:38 Ultramagnetic Mcs, Canibus, Prince Poetry and
Rahzel - Brainbender
21 77:11 min



Release Notes:

Once again indie hiphop staple DJ JS-1 has produced a
classic full length album.

‘NO SELLOUT’ features 21 new songs produced by JS-1
featuring legends and veterans such as: KRS-ONE, PHAROAHE

It’s not only having these artists featured, it’s having
them paired properly creating collaborations that have been
long over-due or never done before. For instance, having OC
& Pharoahe Monch on a song together again, or pairing KRS &
Canibus, or getting Ultramagnetic MC’s (BOTH Kool Keith &
Ced Gee on song with Prince Po & Canibus!) That is something
for the REAL collector’s who actually hunt & buy music.

The Queens Bridge posse cut, On The Map with Craig G, Blaq
Poet, Big Noyd, and other concept songs like EMC’s, I Knew A
Girl and Original G’z with AG, Craig G, & Edo G are what
keeps the people coming back for more. The combinations of
both east coast & west coast rappers from various eras of
hiphop mixed with JS-1’s beats and scratch hooks is an
undeniable treat for any hiphop fanatic. There is also live
guitar, horns and keyboards on several tracks for real music
lovers. There is no filler.

DJ JS-1’s ‘NO SELLOUT’ album is 21 tracks featuring over 40
rappers and is 79 minutes long!!! This stays in line with
JS-1 & Ground Original’s tradition of bringing quality
material, from his first 12″ release, ESSENTIALS with KRS &
RAHZEL to his series of SCRATCH ROULETTE break records and
more recent songs like Audio Technician with Immortal
Technique. Keeping up with the times and recognizing the
need for people to have access to MP3’s and DJs now using
digital DJ programs like Serato, this album will come with a
data-disc containing MP3’s of all the versions (DIRTY,
CLEAN, INSTRUMENTAL, ACAPELLA). Even the double-vinyl will
contain a data-disc.

Along with producing tons of new music each year, JS-1
maintains a very busy touring schedule, touring around the
world constantly with DJs such as MixMaster Mike from the
Beastie Boys, DJ Premier, Q-Bert, Z-Trip, etc.. he will be
touring promoting this album. Once again, another classic
album from Rock Steady Crew’s DJ JS-1.


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14 Jun

DJ Crazy Chris – The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste (Best Of Jedi Mind Tricks) [2009]


Soul Assassins - Intermission (2009)

Soul Assassins - Intermission

Artist…….: Soul Assassins
Title……..: Intermission
Release.Type.: Album
Genre……..: Rap
Source…….: CDDA
Encoder……: LAME v3.97 -V 2 –vbr-new
Quality……: 192 kbps avg
Street.Date..: 2009-00-00
Rip.Date…..: 2009-06-17
Year………: 2009
Tracks…….: 15
Playtime…..: 0h 49min Total
Size………: 69.59 MB

Release Notes

Enjoy & Go Support The Artist…….pz1


01. Gangsta Shit (feat. Bun B and M1) 2:44
02. Classical (feat. Slick Jacken and Evidence) 3:03
03. Gunshots (feat. Chace Infinite and Alchemist) 2:57
04. Do It (feat. La Coka Nostra) 3:28
05. Rep Yo Shit (feat. P.C.P. aka Slick Jacken and Necro) 3:00
06. Good Evening Los Angeles (feat. Self Scientific) 3:07
07. Meet Your Maker (feat. Reef The Lost Cause and Outer Space) 3:52
08. Intermission (feat. RZA, Rev William Burk, Planet Asia and 2:29
09. Champions (Remix) (feat. Prodigy and Big Twin) 2:51
10. Let Go (My Life) (feat. Fashawn 2:51
11. Like That Y’all (feat. Planet Asia) 3:05
12. World We’re In (feat. Cynic 4:23
13. Call It Like I See It (feat. Chace Infinite and Krondon) 3:34
14. Matchbox (feat. Dust) 4:05
15. Figure it Out (feat. Young De, Xzibit and Mykestro) (Bonus 4:27


DJ Muggs is constantly in the lab; creating remixing and always making things happens as one of the most respected DJs in the game. He’s also put in more than his share of work as a producer with a resume that stretches from coast to coast. Muggs’ distinct love of west coast funk and heavy doses of hip hop have been responsible for multiplatinum sales and chart topping hits with Cypress Hill, House of Pain and many other artist.

In between being a part of one of the most successful hip hop groups to come from L.A., going on tour and discovering new talent, DJ Muggs has always found time to make music with his crew the Soul Assassins. As one of the founders of Soul Assassins, (a collective of artist, writers, musicians, producers, rappers, etc.) it wasn’t hard to assemble a stellar line up for their latest endeavor, Intermission.

17 Jun


Release Notes

new Wu Tang!!!

Enjoy & Go Support The Artist.......pz1

▀ ░

░ ░ ▐▀▀▌▄▀▄ ░ ░ ░
░▒▓░██░█░▒█░█ ██░▓▒█░▓▒█░▒▓██▒████▒░█▒█▓█▓█ █▒ ▓ ▓ ▓ ░ ░ ▒
░ ░ ▐▄▄▌ ░ ░ ░ ░


01. Train Trussle (Featuring Ghostface And Scotty Wotty) 4:54
02. God Is Love (Featuring Cappadonna And Killah Priest) 3:51
03. Stomp Da Roach (Featuring GZA And Scotty Wotty) 3:24
04. Lipton (Featuring Mike Ladd) 3:21
05. Coke (Featuring Raekwon And Slaine of La Coka Nostra) 4:00
06. Magnum Force (Featuring Jim Jones And Sheek Louch) 4:13
07. Hips 3:18
08. Wu-Tang (Featuring Method Man) 3:03
09. Dopium 3:18
10. Rims Pokin Out (Featuring Lethaface) 4:18
11. New Classic (Featuring Large Professor) 1:59
12. Stomp Da Roach (Featuring GZA And Scotty Wotty) (Remix By 2:42
Bloody Beetroots) (Bonus Track)
13. Dopium (Remix By Yuksek) (Bonus Track) 3:42
14. Hips (Remix By Felix Cartel) (Bonus Track) 5:33

From you know where…..


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Snowgoons - Black Snow (Bonus CD) (2008)

Size: 60 Mb, Quality: 256 Kbps

01.A.O.T.P. Feat Apathy
02.My Time Feat Lord Lhus
03.Iceman Feat Cymarshall Law
04.Foreign Banguage Feat Side Effect
05.40 Barz Feat Big Shug,Special Teamz&Singapore Kane
06.The Spell Feat Eternia
07.Ride With Me Feat Born Unique
08.Serve Justice (Remix) Feat Rasul Allah, Killah Priest&Richard Raw
09.Buried Feat Savage Bros
10.Suicide Feat Third Kind


Sras Beatmaker presents Shaolin Blendz Vol.1 (2009)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Thanks To Fats Eardrum

Si-Klon - The Dark Sun (2009)

BUY IT https://cdbaby.com/cd/siklon3
As Si-Klon’s first professional LP, those who have followed his past work know how much passion this artist puts into his music. Since 2005 when Si-Klon’s music started to go worldwide (especially in places such as France) music is something he cannot resist. Doing his music mainly for his fans he has been able to reach the Dark Mystic/Psychedelic side of the underground which is rarely ever touched by any other artist. He only hopes his listeners can enjoy this Mayan influenced project. It is the beginning step to a majestic evolution in Mystic Underground Rap.
01 Inner Voice [Intro]
02 Visionary Solace
03 Mystic Revelation
04 Projected Slaughter (feat. Judgement)
05 Meditated Resurrection
06 The Dark Sun Set
07 Ruthless Downpour
08 Energy Of Rhythm (feat. Kaniero)
09 The Seventh Physical Dream
10 Pleasant Retaliation
11 Bloodthirsty Psychosis
12 March Of Thunder (feat. Canibus)
13 Pitch Red Eclipse (feat. Rasul Allah)
14 Telekinetic Atmosphere
15 Endless Labyrinth (feat. Shadow)

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TiTLE: The Midnight Madness Remix EP / Cat...........: CM-020
LABEL...: Coalmine US / GENRE.........: Hip Hop
YEAR....: 12.05-2009 / RELEASE DATE..: 17-05-2009
SiZE....: / SOURCE........: WEB
TRACKS..: 06
LENGTH..: / ENCODER.......: Lame
QUALiTY...: 320kbs / 44,1Hz Joint-Stereo




Jean Grae & The Herbaliser - What, What [1995]


1. Bring It
2. How To Keep A Girlfriend
3. If You Close Your Eyes
4. Let it Go
5. Mission Improbable
6. Street Karma
7. Nah’mean, Nah’m Sayin’
8. New & Improved
9. Twice Around
10. Tea & Beer
11. More Tea & Beer (freestyle)

The Blend Remixes

1. The Blend (original)
2. The Blend (herbal blend)
3. The Blend (cuban blend)
4. The Blend (peanutbutterwolf blend)


The Armada - Downtime (2009) WEB

1. (00:03:46) The Armada - Back It Up (Explicit)
2. (00:03:56) The Armada - Be Easy Feat. Crypt Of Outerspace
3. (00:03:02) The Armada - Keep It Moving
4. (00:03:14) The Armada - Microphone Killah
5. (00:04:56) The Armada - Won’t Be (Remix) Feat. Banish, Aims & Randam Luck
6. (00:03:49) The Armada - Let Em Know
7. (00:03:29) The Armada - Bring That Feat. Doap Nixon
8. (00:03:37) The Armada - Straight Hip-Hop Feat. Randam Luck
9. (00:03:55) The Armada - I’ve Been
10. (00:03:29) The Armada - The Jump Off
11. (00:04:13) The Armada - That’s Wassup Feat. Reef The Lost Cauze
12. (00:03:50) The Armada - Gunz Still Hot (Remix) Feat. Keepers Of The Light
13. (00:03:40) The Armada - Scarz (Remix)
14. (00:03:55) The Armada - Nothing Else Matters
15. (00:03:17) The Armada - Oh Yeah
16. (00:03:38) The Armada - Affirmative Action (Remix) Feat. Outerspace
17. (00:03:53) The Armada - Always Survive
18. (00:04:38) The Armada - Hard 2 Manage Feat. Planet Asia
19. (00:03:43) The Armada - Armada Music

Playing Time………: 01:12:01
Total Size………..: 114.91 MB

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Contribution X - What Iz Freedom (2006)

Size: 53Mb, Quality: 128 Kbps




8Th Platoon - 'A Matter Of Darkness EP (2009)

Size: 60 Mb, Quality: 320 Kbps

01 8th Platoon Grow (feat. Christ Apostle)
02 Bloody Tarantulas (feat. Rasul Allah & Bomshot)
03 War of Calamity
04 Battle Shogun (feat. Portarock)
05 Big Guns (feat. Bomshot)
06 Chess Pieces
07 Harvestor of Death (feat. Portarock)



Sabac Red - The Ritual Bonus DVD





Lyricist Lounge - Hip Hop Video Classics (2003) DVD

Named after the MTV showcase and label, Hip Hop Video Classics plays like a mix tape for your TV. The compilation includes 13 videos remixed by DJ Spinbad live at New York City’s Turntable Lab. Instead of ending, fading to black, and moving to the next, the videos blend–musically and visually–into one another. For the most part, it works, although the occasional “Lyricist Lounge” words and graphics that flash across the screen (and on the soundtrack) can be distracting. The videos span over a decade (1984-1995) and include such undisputed classics as Run-DMC and Aerosmith’s genre-busting “Walk This Way,” Pharcyde’s sublime “Passin’ Me By,” and Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend,” featuring the inimitable rapper as a cross between Little Richard and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (white wig, brocade jacket, and all). As was the case when they first aired on MTV, these videos have been edited for language. –Kathleen C. Fennessy

13 Classic Hip-Hop Videos Come to DVD! Songs: “Walk This Way” (Run DMC), “Treat ‘Em Right” (Chubb Rock), “Roxanne, Roxanne” (UTFO), “The Freaks Come Out at Night” (Whodini), “Electric Relaxation” (A Tribe Called Quest), “Resurrection” (Common Sense), “Shook Ones” (Mobb Deep), “How About Some Hardcore” (M.O.P.), “Just a Friend” (Biz Markie), “Passin’ Me By” (Pharcyde), “Cream” (Wu-Tang Clan), “Sound Bwoy Buriel” (Smiff n Wesson), “Going Way Back” (Just-Ice)


if there are any problems with my uploads, drop me a line at: darkillusion@path01.com

Mr. Hyde - Rare Demos Vol. 2 (2009)

Mr. Hyde - Rare Demos Vol. 2

ARTiST… Mr. Hyde
TiTLE…. Rare Demos Vol. 2
LABEL…. n/a
SiZE….. 48,2 MB
ENCODER.. LAME 3.97 -V2 –Vbr-New
QUALiTY.. VBR kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
RiP.DATE. 08-Jun-2009


1.Sniffing The Meal
2.Sin Grappling (Basement Freestyle)
3.Catch 22 Cypher (Basement Freestyle) (Feat.
4.Strappin Up For War (Feat. Sean Strange And
O-Doub of N.G.P.)
5.Last House On The Left (Basement Freestyle)
6.Cities of Violence (Feat. Prophet X)
7.The 10 Pedophile Commandments
8.Killer Collage (Hardcore Metal Remix)
9.Death Strutter (Basement Freestyle)
10.Catch 22 Mike Nice Mixtape Appearance
11.Devil Horns (Mr. Hyde Raida Cypher) (Basement
Freestyle) (Feat. Raida of N.G.P.)
12.Psycho Logical Soldiers (Feat. Sean Strange)
13.Resident of Kull (Basement Freestyle)
14.The Ultimate Price (Feat. Evolution)
15.Massochist Twist (Freestyle)
16.I Live On Mars (Freestyle) (Feat. Stress of
17.Hyde The 12 Gauge (Basement Freestyle)
18.Choose Death (Feat. Dyad Souls)
19.Crooklyn Water Torture (Basement Freestyle)
20.Keeping Your Lungs (Basement Freestyle)
21.Fully Loaded (Feat. Sean Strange And O-Doub of
22.Rest In Peace (Basement Freestyle)

TOTAL: 53:18 min

Note: This is not a bootleg Mr. Hyde pressed and
released this himself, check his myspace for



sábado, 6 de junio de 2009

AP-ROCK presents SNOWGOONS - Das RG Exclusive Mixtape Vol. 1

Size: 101 mb
Quality: 192 kb/s


1. Intro feat. DJ Kidkut
2. Snowgoons feat. Born Unique – Real World
3. Jedi Mind Tricks – The Worst
4. Snowgoons feat. J-Sands & Mitchell Hennessy – Clip Full Of Ammo
5. Snowgoons feat. Reef The Lost Cauze – Never
6. Weathermen – Gut You
7. Army Of The Pharaoh’s – Narrow Grave
8. Chief Kamachi feat. Guru – The Best
9. Static & Nat Ill feat. Promoe – GetupGetout
10. Army Of The Pharaoh’s – Tear It Down
11. Likwit Junkies – S.C.A.N.S.
12. Non Phixion – Black Helicopters
13. Jedi Mind Tricks feat. Killasha – Contra
14. Rasco feat. Edo G & Reks – Gunz Still Hot (Produced by Molemen)
15. King Syze feat. Vinnie Paz - Blitzkrieg
16. Prinz Porno -. Keine Liebe
17. Maylay Sparks feat. Gemini – The Sickest
18. Non Phixion – It’s Us
19. Jeru Da Damaja – Ain’t The Devil Happy
20. Snowgoons feat. Supastition – Bring It On
21. OC – Time’s Up
22. Ghostface – Run
23. J-Spliff feat. Sean Price – State Of Mind
24. Snowgoons feat. Mitchell Hennessy & Edi Amin – German Lugers
25. Elbis feat. Infamous MC – I Make Moves Tight
26. Roger Rekless – Aber Nein (Hitfarmers Remix)


AP-Rock pres. Hitfarmers - Joining Forces Bootleg - Das RG Exclusive Mixtape Vol. 12

Size: 63 mb
Quality: 192 kb/s


01 - Hitfarmers ft. J-Spliff - The Harvest
02 - Hitfarmers ft. Critical Madness - Hail To The Fetus
03 - Hitfarmers ft. Mesidge, PhaizRok & C4mula - Light Em Up
04 - Hitfarmers ft. Army Of The Pharaohs - Grown Men (Joining Forces Remix)
05 - Hitfarmers ft. Little Vic - Get With It
06 - Hitfarmers ft. Mr. Malchau - The Harvest
07 - Mesidge ft. Planetary - Werk Of Art (Hitfarmers Remix)
08 - Hitfarmers ft. Substance - 32 Bars Part.II
09 - Hitfarmers ft. Ciph Barker - The Harvest
10 - Hitfarmers ft. Mental Infinite - This Is Life
11 - Hitfarmers ft. Kosha Dillz & Sicknature - Joining Forces
12 - Riot Squad - Money Time (Hitfarmers Remix)
13 - Hitfarmers ft. Army Of The Pharaohs - Grown Men (Original Version)



AP-ROCK - Hitfarmers - Joining Forces (The Harvest) - Das RG Exclusive Mixtape Vol. 8

Size: 109 mb
Quality: 192 kb/s


1. Hitfarmers Intro
2. J-Spliff „The Harvest" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
3. Army Of The Pharaohs "Grown Men" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
4. Snowgoons feat. Jus Allah & Ripshop "Riddle of the Sphinx" (Exclusive Edit) Mental
5. Infinite "This Is Life" (Prod. By Hitfarmers & RocSolid)
6. Underclassmen feat. RA The Rugged Man "Hold Fort"
7. Critical Madness "Hail To The Fetus" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
8. Figgkidd feat. Rakaa Of Dilated Peoples and Static & Nat Ill "Rent"
9. Mad Mic "Wer ist gemeint?" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
10. Boot Camp Clik "BK All Day"
11. Ciph Barker "Harvest Exclusive" (Prod. By Hitfarmers & RocSolid)
12. Face, G-Flow, Crank P "Gsicht" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
13. Westa MC & Gob Dylan - Ying & Yang
14. Slaine Of La Coka Nostra "Bad Man"
15. Little Vic "Get with it" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
16. Sir Smo "I Love My Hood" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
17. Streetmuzik "Ma Hood" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
18. Abroo feat. Mirc "ABC" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
19. Roger Rekless "Ich Erzähl Von Mir" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
20. Dashan & Falgas „I Don´t Give A Fuck"
21. Tribeca "Harvest Exclusive" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
22. Lords Of The Underground "The Clinic"
23. Westa MC "Boom" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
24. Mr. Malchau "Harvest Exclusive" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
25. Don Cerino feat. Dminor "I Love Hip Hop" (Prod. By Realson)
26. Substance "32 Bars Part II" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
27. Bushbayer "Dreckiger Style" (Prod. By Hitfarmers)
28. L.S.D. "Competent" Le Scratchfunk Remix


AP-ROCK - Hitfarmers - Joining Forces - Urban Artifacts Mixtape

Size: 98 mb
Quality: 192 kb/s


1. Contribution X - Intro (Skit)
2. Randam Luck - Where Ya At?
3. EQ, Reef The Lost Cauze, Hyskillz - Shit On Lock (Hitfarmers Remix)
4. Critical Madness – Empirical (Produced by Marco Polo)
5. Braille - Double Dose (Produced by Stieber Twins)
6. Hitfarmers feat. Warpath - The King Commands His Warlord (Urban Artifacts Edit)
7. Kev Turner – Eargasm (Produced By J-Slant)
8. J-Spliff of The Majors - Suckers Never Play Me
9. Block McCloud, Warpath, Sir Smo - I Love My Hood Pt. I (Hitfarmers Edit)
10. The Vendetta feat. Danny Diablo & Ceekay Jones - Never Satisfied (Hitfarmers Remix)
11. Ciph Barker - Snakes Eggs
12. Mesidge feat. Planetary - Werk Of Art (Hitfarmers Remix)
13. CAEN Project (Equinox feat. Killer Rellik) - Breaking Poynt (Produced By Cimer Amor)
14. Contribution X feat. Killah Priest & Monk - Build
15. The White Shadow Of Norway feat. Reef The Lost Cauze & Mr. Malchau - Sick Rhymes
16. windchILL of A.O.I. - Come With Me
17. Brooklyn Academy feat. Killah Priest - Splash (Hitfarmers Remix)
18. Little Vic - The Exorcist (Produced By DJ Premier)
19. Trainspotters feat. Sci-Fi - It..s Time
20. Aarophat - Lethal
21. Ill Poetic & Wordsworth - One More
22. The Underclassmen feat. Kalmoo - Skillz Unlimited
23. Sick Since feat. Canibus - RIP The Reptilian
24. Danny Diablo feat. Big Left, Danny Boy & Slaine - Satanic Shamrocks
25. Nomad feat. Xkwisit - The Coliseum (Produced by Hakiki Bela)
26. Atma (12 Jewels) - Solar Winds
27. Baby Blak, ENEM The Great, and Granz - Danger (Produced By Cimer Amor)
28. Product - Contaminated Thoughts
29. Hitfarmers feat. Born Unique - Joining Forces Exlusive
30. IDE feat. Creative Juices (L.I.F.E. Long, Critical Madness, UG) - What Happened?
31. Rootpeople feat. Krizz Blizz - I Love My Hood Pt. II (Produced By Untitled)


Sick Side Army Mixtape VOL.. 2

Size: 163 mb
Quality: 160 kb/s


track.1 Intro_At The Crossroads
track.2 Street Are Hot
track.3 Guerilla
track.4 Killing Fields
track.5 Conspiracy Theory
track.6 Live From 1600 remix
track.7 Numbers
track.8 Tyrants_Attack The Barracks
track.9 Opaque
track.10 The Last Hour
track.11 805ITH
track.12 Real Soldier Shit
track.13 Heavens Cry
track.14 Sick Minded
track.15 Rebel Minded
track.16 Land Of The Gritty
track.17 The Time Has Come_Sick Symphonies
track.18 P[1].O.O.R. (Power Over Our Race)
track.19 Stomp You Out
track.20 Nos Conecta
track.21 Skillz Murder
track.22 Psycho Phonky
track.23 KaraKefenKaraBela_Allegiance & Defiance
track.24 War Kites_2 Die For
track.25 Follow The Gun_Train Wrek
track.26 Enemies Mourn You
track.27 Never Die
track.28 Build
track.29 Knucklesandwich (Snowgoons Remix)
track.30 Grab You Gas Mask (Reck's Remix)
track.31 West Side
track.32 La Mierda_Outro

brooklyn academy - bored of education-2008

Size: 78 mb
Quality: VBR kb/s




Brooklyn Academy -Summer School -2008

Size: 92 mb
Quality: 192 kb/s


1. Ashes feat. Tools and Mokeout (prod. by Thoro Tracks)
2. Role Call feat. Wordsworth (prod. by Khrysis)
3. Matters feat. Lego (prod. by Unknown)
4. My Life feat. Sha Stimuli (prod. by J. Cardim)
5. Doin’ It ‘08 feat. Fresh Jones (prod. by Brady Becklo)
6. Told U feat. Vinnie Paz (prod. by Ruler)
7. Funeral (prod. by Will Tell)
8. Fool’s Gold (prod. by Shuko)
9. Brooklyn Goonery feat. Poison Pen & Blitz (prod. by Etik n Clint)
10. Fiyah feat. Castro (prod. by I See On & Block McCloud)
11. The Last Passion (prod. by Snowgoons)
12. Seven Sins feat. Raw Dawgz & Killah Priest (prod. by Shawnecy)
13. Leaves in Autumn (prod. by Sick Doctor)
14. Park Slope Boys feat. Illzburry Doeboy (prod. Beat Brewers)
15. Bored of Education (prod. by Haze Attacks)
16. Haze Outro


Riviera Regime Real Soldierz Ride 2008

Size: 91 mb
Quality: VBR kb/s


Riviera Regime_01_U Wanna Go To Hell With Me
Riviera Regime_02_Checkmate
Riviera Regime_03_Scarificial Offer
Riviera Regime_04_Contract Killer
Riviera Regime_05_Get Ya Dome Splattered (feat. Sean Strange)
Riviera Regime_06_Hood Professionalz
Riviera Regime_07_Why'd U Have To Kill Him
Riviera Regime_08_Desperados (feat. Necro & Danny Diablo)
Riviera Regime_09_In These Streetz
Riviera Regime_10_Real Soldierz Ride
Riviera Regime_11_It's Not A Big Deal
Riviera Regime_12_Golani Brigade
Riviera Regime_13_Watch How U Scheme (feat. Q-Unique)
Riviera Regime_14_2 Man Army
Riviera Regime_15_Send U To A Deep Dark Place
Riviera Regime_16_Dat Murder Shit Pt. 3 (feat. Mr. Hyde)
Riviera Regime_17_No Room For The Weak
Riviera Regime_18_A Portion For Foxes
Riviera Regime_19_Finch West G'z
Riviera Regime_20_Hurtin Y'all (feat. H.E.C.)
Riviera Regime_21_International Hood Connect (feat. Cynic Of Street Platoon, Ceekay Jones, Nems & VK)
Riviera Regime_22_No Tomorrow
Riviera Regime_23_On Point
Riviera Regime_24_What Is A Gangsta
Riviera Regime_25_Ever Heard Of The Mafia


Junior Makhno Presents The Alcazar Tapes (2008)

Size: 41 mb
Quality: 128 kb/s


01 - Intro Alcazar
02 - Wu-Tang American Cream Team (REMIX)
03 - Wyze Mindz & Fatah death - Vision
04 - Prince Po & Raekwon - The Bump Bump (REMIX)
05 - Generique (instrumental)
06 - Ern Dawgy - Mic Concerto
07 - Genocide & Subzero - No Spit No Polish (cuts by DJ Kaissa)
08 - Inspectah Deck - The Movement (REMIX)
09 - Keko & Kaniero (of La Onda) - Soldados Armados (cuts by DJ Freshcut)
10 - Picaros Anthem (instrumental)
11 - Shockwav's Molotov Shelter (scratchs by DJ Kaissa)
12 - DJ Muggs, Sick Jacken & Cynic - The Mask & the Assassin (ALCAZAR REMIX)
13 - Wyze Mindz - Conscious
14 - TSW Crew & Ern Dawgy - 13th District Gundown
15 - La Conecta - C-O-N-E-C-T-A
16 - Poverize (instrumental)
17 - Wyze Mindz - Higher Intelligence


VA - Outerspace - On The Edge Mix Cd 2008

Size: 80 mb
Quality: 192 kb/s


01.Planetary - Dump The Clip (Ft. Esoteric & Celph Titled) 02:47
02.Crypt The Warchild - Rage Of Angels (Ft. Vinnie Paz) 03:23
03.Outerspace - Field Of Fire (Ft. Randam Luck) 05:55
04.Planetary - Strike Back 04:15
(Ft. Vinnie Paz, King Syze, Demoz & Esoteric)
05.Planetary - Storm Of Swords (Ft. Vinnie Paz) 04:00
06.Planetary - I Against I (Ft. Jedi Mind Tricks) 03:49
07.Planetary - Werk Of Art (Ft. Mesidge) 04:11
08.Outerspace - Terrordome (Ft. Brad Strut & Trem) 03:18
09.Crypt The Warchild - Murda Murda 03:41
(Ft. Des Devious & Celph Titled)
10.Crypt The Warchild - Turbulance (Ft. Caen Project) 03:40
11.Crypt The Warchild - Band Of Bros (Ft. King Syze) 04:25
12.Planetary - Werk Of Art RMX (Ft. Mesidge) 03:57
13.Planetary - The Onslaugh 04:40
(Ft. Vinnie Paz, King Syze & Sabac Red)
14.Planetary - Dont Cry (Ft. Vinnie Paz, Doap Nixon & Demoz) 04:42
15.Planetary - Murder Theme (Ft. Prime & Des Devious) 02:22


Emesde - Dark Remixes-2008

Size: 48 mb
Quality: 256 kb/s


01_M.O.P - Let It Bang_(Emesde_remix)
02_Chino XL - Last Laugh_(Emesde_remix)
03_Canibus - How Come_(Emesde_remix)
04_Jedi Mind Tricks - Animal Rap_(Emesde_remix)
05_Freddie Foxxx - The Lah_(Emesde_remix)
06_Esoteric - Speaking The Real Words_(Emesde_remix)
07_Jedi Mind Tricks - Heaymetal Kings_(Emesde_remix)
08_Kool G Rap - On The Run_(Emesde_remix)


Psych Ward - Rulers of the Damned (2008)

2.Bled Streets
3.Heritage Of Heritcs
4.The Exorcism Ft Zugli
5.Tunnels Of Madness
6.Reap The Razor Ft Savage Brothers
7.Beyond The Grave
8.Reign Of Terror Ft Judge Cryptic
9.Devil Inchains
10.Dark Labyrinth11.Honor Of Thives
12.Hearse Chase Ft Venom & Malikiah
13.Live 2 Die
14.The Unhead Ft Lord Lhus
15.Satanic Rites
16.Shrine Of 7 Heads
17.Organ Donors Ft Planet X
18.Stuck On The Beat
19.Vivid Executions Ft Lord Lhus


The Decomposers (The Society of Invisibles) - Thou Shalt Dig It (2008)

2.Do you see what I see
3.Symphony No 2
4.Bad thoughts
7.Into the dark night
8.Guitar Concerto No 9
9.Hangman with a hangnail

http://www.mediafire.com/file/wnjylj2ntny/Thou shalt dig it.zip

Nonphixion - The Future is Now (2002)

2.Drug Music
3.The C.I.A. Is Trying To Kill Me
4.If You Got Love feat. Pete Rock
5.There Is No Future
6.Uncle Howie
7.Rock Stars
8.Say Goodbye To Yesterday feat. Cenophia Mitchell
9.Black Helicopters
10.Strange Universe feat. MF Doom
11.Cult Leader
12.It's Us
13.Suicide Bomb feat. The Beatnuts, Al Tariq, Marly Metal & Moonshine
14.Where You Wanna Go
15.We Are the Future
16.The C.I.A. Is Still Trying To Kill Me (metal mix)

http://www.mediafire.com/file/kiunnzymijz/Disc One.zip
http://www.mediafire.com/file/ty0ehjtzzyg/Disc Two.zip

Nonphixion - The Green CD (2004)

1. Intro
2. Existence
3. Farragut Road
4. We All Bleed
5. Eclipse Promo
6. Info Junkies
7. Caught Between Worlds
8. 89.9 Freestyle, Pt. 1
9. Make It Happen
10. Freshfest
11. Illuminati
12. Big Don Vincenzo
13. Area 51 14. 89.9 Freestyle, Pt. 2
15. Criminal
16. Doo Wop Freestyle
17. 89.9 Promo
18. Implantable Transponders
19. Full Monty
20. Skum
21. Toothache
22. Food
23. Hot 97.1 Freestyle
24. Don't Get Beside Yourself
25. Refuse to Lose

http://www.easy-share.com/1905555870/non phixion - the green cd.zip

Nonphixion - The Past, The Present And The Future Is Now '96-'00 (2000)

01. Legacy
02. 14 Years Of Rap (feat Arsonists)
03. No Tomorrow
04. Four W's
05. 5 Boros (feat D.V. Alias Khrist)
06. 5 Boros (Remix) (feat D.V. Alias Khrist)
07. I Shot Reagan (feat Necro)
08. Hot 97 Freestyle
09. This Is Not An Exercise
10. Refuse To Lose
11. 89.9 Promo
12. Eclipse Promo
13. Sleepwalkers
14. Thug Tunin'
15. They Got...
16. How To Kill A Cop
17. 2004 (feat Obscure Disorder)
18. 89.9 Freestyle
19. Gangsta Rap
20. The End Of The World
21. Black Helicopters

http://www.easy-share.com/1905556487/Non Phixion - The Past The Present The Future Is Now.zip

viernes, 5 de junio de 2009

CD Calle Real 70 Documental

Aquí les dejo el CD del Documental de la Calle Real 70.

Lista de Track:

01. America - El B
02. Aquí está mi mano - Riek Digital (México - Cuba)
03. El Mundo anda mal - Escuadron Patriota
04. Hasta aquí de mentiras - Anderson
05. Hip Hop Underground - Explosión Suprema
06. Lagrimas de soledad - D'nay
07. Lagrimas negras - Hermanos de Causa
08. Mi compromiso - Anonimo Consejo
09. Niño de la Tierra - Discipulo Feat. El Dike
10. Omegas - Omegas Kilay
11. Por los que no están - Papa Humbertico
12. Se pierde - Soldier Squad
13. Sin complaciones - Dos por Encima
14. Sin Titulo - Aldo


Click Aquí

Urs & DJ Gely - Nadie Hablara...Vol. 1 (2009) ESPAÑA

Descargar Urs & DJ Gely - Nadie Hablara...Vol. 1 (2009)

Excelente trabajo, de lo unico de España que me atrebo a postear.Hardcore rap sin concesiones. Les dejo otro enlace aparte del de Hispano Plan B.



Snowgoons - Who are You Feat Savage Bros & Lord Lhus Video

Rasheed Allah - Tribu De Shabbaz Mixtape (2009)

Rasshed Allah Tribu de Shabbaz Mixtape Portada Cover

Rasheed Allah es rap mexicano, representa Quilombo Arte y Tribu de Shabazz. Este mixtape incluye temas de Los Aldeanos de Cuba, Bocafloja y Black Prophecy de México, entre muchos otros.

En general rap cargado con temáticas sociales y políticas, para mi los mejores temas son los de los artistas cubanos (en especial "Pasa El Borrador" de Los Aldeanos y su coro á la "Informer"), son los que suenan mas maduros en cuanto a letra y música...pero es mi opinión muy personal.

Enlace tomado de Funkyunk.


Wu-Tang Clan - HarborMasters Feat Ghostface, AZ & Inspectah Deck (2009)

Chamber Music Wu Tang 09 Cover

Via OnSMASH un tema nuevo de Wu Tang Clan, del proximo álbum que llevará por nombre Chamber Music.


Eddie Ill & D.L. - A Long Rhyme Coming

One more gem from Eddie Ill & DL. Straight indy mix. Enjoi.

1.Rubix, Hazadus, Rise and Eddie Brock (Double Edge) - Dj Eddie Ill / J-rawls
2.Wordworth, Punchline, Mfw, Heroine (Juggaknots) and Invincible - Dj Eddie Ill / Panic
3.Ace Lover (2for5) , Stelph Index, Blowout and Phase One - Dj Eddie Ill / J-rawls
4.Tone Deff, Pack Fm, Substantial, Rok - One and Ocean - Dj Eddie Ill / Fat Jon Of The 5deez
5.Vakill, Cwel, Prime and Mass Hysteria - Dj Eddie Ill / Panik
6.Swave Sevah (Cvees) , Kwest and Percee P. - Dj Eddie Ill / Emile
7.Oktober (2for5) , Ike P (Cvees) and Diabolic - Dj Eddie Ill / Fakts One
8.C-Rayzs Walz, Gauge, Breez Evahflowin & Loer Velocity (Writer's Guild) - Dj Eddie Ill / Emile
9.J - Live, Choclair, Etcetera and Mr. Complex - Dj Eddie Ill / J-live
10.Hafeese, Labba, Big Twan, Matt Fingaz and FT (Fuc That) - Dj Eddie Ill / Ayatollah
11.Brooklyn Academy - Dj Eddie Ill / Will Tell
12.I.G. off & Supernatural - Joe Dj Eddie Ill / Buddha
13.The Demigodz - Dj Eddie Ill / Dj Cheapshot
14.A.L. Skills, Avatar, Overbite, Mazzi, Ap and J - Treds - Chris Dj Eddie Ill / Jarvis
15.Eastern Conference - Dj Eddie Ill / Mighty Mi
16.Ken Bugaloo (Wee Bee Foolish) , Subconscious, Kahiem, Yeshua Dapoed, L.I.F.E. Long and Many Styles - Dj Eddie Ill / Fat Jon
17.Jane Doe and Ray Rip Ya'll - Grap Dj Eddie Ill / Luva
18.Eddie Ill Outro - Dj Eddie Ill / Dj Static


High & Mighty Presents - Eastern Conference All Stars vol 1-3

Im surprised I haven't upped these yet. Three solid albums of high quality hip hop. Enjoi

Volume 1 -
1. The High & Mighty - B-Boy Document
2. Mad Skillz - Lick The Balls
3. The High & Mighty - Open Mic Night
4. Smut Peddlers - One By One
5. Alchemist - E=MC²
6. The High & Mighty - The Meaning
7. The High & Mighty - Cranial Lumps
8. EC All Stars - All In Together
9. The High & Mighty - Mind, Soul & Body
10. Smut Peddlers - The Hole Repertoire
11. The High & Mighty - Hands On Experience
12. The High & Mighty - Hands On Experience Part 2 (Original Mix)


Volume 2 -

1. Copywrite - Leading Off (Intro)
2. Smut Peddlers - The Red Light
3. Royce Da 5'9" - Nickel Nine
4. Skillz - Pressure Time
5. The High & Mighty - Tonight's The Night
6. Cage - Crowd Killa
7. Jurassic 5 - The Bread Winner Rap [Featuring] - Chali 2NA
8. Tame One - The Moment I Feared
9. Tame One , Copywrite , J-Zone , Cage , Mr. Eon , Skillz , Camu Tao - Eastern Conference All Stars
10. Copywrite - F*ck Soundcheck
11. R.A. The Rugged Man & Mr. Eon - Homecoming Queen
12. Pacewon - All Get By
13. Evidence - Emergency
14. Last Emperor, The & Mr. Eon - That's What's Up
15. High & Mighty, The & Lord Sear - Fake Thug Theme
16. Big Daddy Kane - The Jump Off
17. Kool Keith - Thug Or What?
18. Pretty Ugly - The Struggle
19. Defari - Look Into My Eyes
20. Tame One , Copywrite , J-Zone , Cage , Mr. Eon , Skillz , Camu Tao - Eastern Conference All Stars (Mighty Mi Air Max '95 Remix)


Volume 3 -

1. Tame One - Tame as it Ever Was (3:12)
2. Copywrite - Won't Stop (3:49)
3. Weathermen - 5 Left in the Clip (3:58)
4. High & Mighty - Rumble (4:10)
5. Smut Peddlers - Bart Burnt Vs. Sherm Penn (4:38)
6. Cage - Special Ladies (3:37)
7. RA the Rugged Man - Brawl (3:49)
8. High & Mighty - Not All There (4:11)
9. Nighthawks - Nighthawks (4:15)
10. Smut Peddlers Ft. Kool G - Talk Like Sex II (Original) (3:42)
11. Tame One - Dreamz (4:22)
12. Copywrite - Jeah (3:44)
13. Weatherman - Gut You (4:14)
14. Cage - Ballad of Worms (4:36)
15. High & Mighty - And 1 (3:24)
16. High & Mighty Ft. Eminem - Last Hit (Original) (4:18)


Lyricist Lounge Vol 1


This is a classic from back in the day. This double cd got worn out in the panasonic shockwave discman.

CD# 1
1. Street Promoters Skit - (0:44)
2. De La Soul - Intro (1:41)
3. Cipher Complete - Bring Hip Hop Back (3:55)
4. Diaz Brothers feat. Matrix & Abutta - Keep Pouring (5:29)
5. Sarah Jones - Blood (5:13)
6. Mos Def feat. Q-Tip & Tash - Body Rock (5:11)
7. Bathroom Cipher - (4:24)
8. Punch & Words - Da Cipher (4:09)
9. Word A' Mouth - Famous Last Words (5:05)
10. Prime - No Matter (5:20)
11. O.C. & Ras Kass - Action Guaranteed (5:24)
12. Mike Zoot - All in My Own (7:33)
13. The Phonce Call Skit - (1:03)
14. Live from the D.J. Stretch Armstrong Show - (10:09)

CD# 2
1. Saul Williams - Ohm (3:28)
2. Kool Keith & Sir Menelik - Intro (1:35)
3. Natural Elements - Mayday (5:38)
4. Talib Kweli - The Manifesto (5:44)
5. Bahamadia & Rah Digga - Be OK (5:44)
6. A.L. - Lyrics (3:47)
7. Outside The Lounge - (7:07)
8. Lord Have Mercy & D.V. alias Khrist - Holy Water (6:23)
9. Jurrasic 5 - Jayou (4:04)
10. Zach de la Rocha, KRS-One & The Last Emperor - C.I.A. (Criminals in Action) (5:20)
11. Problemz - Society (5:16)
12. Indelible MC's - Weight (6:14)
13. After The Show - (8:09)


Wu Tang Clan - New Years Eve 2008

This is an untagged, untitled, live performance from WU. This was the bonus digital album for the M-Eighty - Academy album Go buy that shit today. http://www.feelthebuzz.net/m80/academy.html

Muggs - Unreleased EP (Web) [2009]

Muggs / Dust / Unreleased EP

un 2003 / released 2009
$5 / SA-0138 / http://soulassassins.com/shop/product_info.php?products_id=8362
192 kbps / CBR / FhG / 16:13 min / 22,3 mb

1 / Delyla / 3:33
2 / Come Wit It / 4:19
3 / Muggs Mood / 1:05
4 / Dark Bird / 4:11
5 / Undone / 3:05


Wu: The Story of the Wu-Tang Clan DVD

Wu: The Story of the Wu-Tang Clan tells the story of the rise, fall, and eventual rebirth of the Wu-Tang Clan, one of the most successful hip-hop groups in history. It follows them from their humble beginnings as kids in Staten Island watching kung-fu movies to the height of fame and power as rappers, record producers, actors and major motion picture composers.

The impact of the Wu-Tang Clan cannot be overstated. The simple fact that the group had nine MCs is amazing in and of itself, to say nothing of their dominance of the industry, brought about by their unique deal with Loud Records which allowed each member of the group to sign with a different record label for their solo releases. From clothing stores to video games to nail polish, the Clan branched out into many different avenues of business, each one of them successful.

But success has its price, as this film documents. Internal struggles within the group and personal problems essentially dissolved the Clan. It seemed that their egos got the best of them as rivalries and feuds made enemies out of former friends. Struggles with personal demons led to the incarceration and eventual death of founding member Russell Jones aka Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Much of the film is dedicated to ODB’s problems and acts as something of a tribute to this often misunderstood but immensely talented individual.

The film features interviews with friends and family as well as never-before-seen performance footage from the early days in clubs to sell-out arena crowds. The impact of the group is underscored by this amazing footage. The crowds at these shows are so diverse: seemingly people of every color and culture loved the Wu-Tang Clan and at several times throughout the performances, it would seem that the crowd is the MC. They know every single word to every song. It’s almost like a rally or a revival meeting. There’s something almost religious about these events and the power comes through on film.