miércoles, 7 de diciembre de 2011


02-Back At It
03-Get Yours
04-Blaspemy-Blast For Me
06-Hard Niggaz
08-No Mercy
09-Break 'Em
10-Body On The Iron


01-Cloudz Of Smoke-JMega And Hellbound
02-The Suitcase-GNZ And Hellbound
03-Cover Your Cap-Part 2-JMega And Hellbound
04-Dark Forest - Feat Animal Cracker,The Fact,Manorizm,Icabod Chang And Hellbound
05-Corleone Mentality-JMega And Hellbound
06-Dark Soul-Mister Pen And Hellbound
07-No Fear For The Night-GNZAnd Hellbound
08-Lose Your Brain-JMega And Hellbound
09-11th Hour-Labal S And Hellbound
10-Endless Duel - Feat Sharon,Mighty Warrior,Erks Orion,Explicito,Ammoeinser,Scoti Styles And JayE
11-Music Is Our Life - Feat Sharon,Reer,Charlotte,Fonka,Explicito And Dj Twisted
12-Resos Perversos - Feat Katha-The Jotaka And Tarantino Prod By Kwervo
13-BattleGeist,Sai And Dj Twisted-GeistNSai-Prod By Hellbound
14-No Faith-JMega And Hellbound
15-D-Cap, Macabean The Rebel & Labal-S - Afterlife-Prod By Hellbound
16-JMega-Crystal Skullz-The Mixtape -29 Warzone-Prod By Hellbound
17-Katha,Life Scientist,Poetic Death And Mighty Kalipssus-Bad Seeds-Prod By Hellbound
18-Life Scientist And Tos-El Bashir-Art Of Defence-Prod By Hellbound And Cuts By Dj Coach One
19-TKC - Feat The Jotaka El Juego De Verdadez Prod By Hellbound
20-Torner-Oscura Salvacion
21-J'Ai Beau...-Hellbound
22-The Jotaka,Ebon,Don Spida And Kaniero-La Raza-Prod By Hellbound And Cuts By Dj Coach One
23-The Decapitator-Hellbound Instrumental


01-Stay Wondering-JMega And Hellbound
02-Smoke Bein Broke - Feat Demonios Sekt 2nd Circle Mcs And Kwervo
03-After The Storm-Mister Pen And Hellbound
04-Into The Night-Interlude-Demonios Sekt And Hellbound
05-Privado  - Feat Mr.Coronas And Sharon
06-I Pod D.J.s-Mister Pen And Hellbound
07-Live Free - Feat Empne,GNZmE.D.O. And Sharon
08-The Decapitator - Feat D-Cap,Vega X And Cuts By Dj Twisted And Hellbound
09-White Rabbit - FeatThe Jotaka,Rob Rod,Hellbound And GNZ
10-Raven's Night - Feat The Jotaka-D-Cap,Explicito,Demonios Sekt And Hellbound
11-Mister Pen-Sharpen Your Sword-Prod By Hellbound And Cuts By Dj Twisted
12-To The Grave - Feat El Cantinero,The Jotaka,Explicito And Hellbound
13-The Magic Shisha-Mister Pen
14-Live From LA-Jmega And Hellbound
15-Illest Rhyme - Feat The Gun Governors-Bonus Track-JMega And Hellbound
16-Poetic Death-Hamlet
17-The Jotaka,Poetic Death And Explicito-Dark Voices-Prod By Kwervo
18-The Awakening - Feat The Jotaka-Scoti Styles And Explicito Prod By Kwervo-Guitars By Scoti Styles
19-The Pill - Feat Verb And Mental Telepathy-Stand Up-Prod By Hellbound
20-Freedom - Feat Torner  Sai And Verb Prod By Kwervo-Cutz By Dj Joon
21-Veneco And SAI-Cuando-Prod By Hellbound
22-The Jotaka And Rob Rod-This Is Hip-Hop-Cuts By Dj Joon
23-Blaze One - Feat Jotaka,GNZ And Sai-Stay True


01-Action Time - Feat Taiko Of Ronin Monks Rebel Front Prod.Mir The Bloody
02-Battle Tactics Prod.Golden Mastah
03-Break The Chains-Free Your Mind - Feat Dc The Truth Prod.Woodenchainz
04-Cards On The Table-Hit The Deck - Feat Sai Prod.Hellbound
05-Day Of Illusion  - Feat Se7ensandman Life And Tony Tone
06-Dead In '94 - Feat Mr.Pen Prod.Kachin
07-Deep Impact - Feat Green Prod.Fonka
08-Discordian Oracles - Feat Erks Orion And Son Of Saturn Prod.Dfine Logik
09-Final Dayz - Feat Mr.Coronas,Perfect K,Noodles,Killa Milla,AMMOeinser And Se7evSandman Prod.Nakmuay
10-Hidden Gatez - Feat Sun Seed And Last Bronzeman
11-Hierarchy - Fea Gme Of 7 Prod.King Boxer
12-Homicidal - Feat Killa Milla And Anomos Prod.Nakmuay
13-Iron Spit - Feat Shinobi Kush Prod.Life Scientist
14-Mantis Strike - Feat Teknikal And Se7ensandman Prod.Teknikal
15-Mission Critical Prod.Scientific
16-Poverty - Feat Ronin Priest Prod.Zieke Sounds
17-Rebels Realm - Feat Explicito And Taiko Prod.Taiko
18-Saturn Attacks - Feat The Vultures Prod.Ruler Why
19-Shell Shock - Feat Teknikal Prod.Teknikal
20-Smokeless Fire - Feat Doctor Cozmos Prod.42nd Chamber
21-Spark In The Dark
22-Stand Firm - Feat Liguan
23-Still Aint Changed - Feat Gm Of 7
24-Survival In The Wilderness - Feat Cza
25-Tha Chambah
26-The Oath - Feat Son Of Saturn Prod.Oath One
27-Thoughts Erupt-Cant Escape The Fallout Prod.Nakmuay
28-Unknow Dartz Prod.King Horrorcore
29-Uprising Of The Blue - Feat Doctor Cozmos And Shogun Of Dark

Nota: Todos los temas disponibles a descarga gratuita en su perfil de reverbnation, solo faltaron 4 0 5...


01-Death Clock - Feat Explicito,Jotaka,Dramah,Katha,Rob Rod And DJ Coach One-Prod By Sounds Of The Soul
02-Koma - Feat Ihtiram-Prod By Ihtiram
03-Attika Addicts - Feat Animal Cracker,Icabod Chang,Manorizm And Nomad-Prod By Dj Joon
04-Sektorz - Feat Katha,The Jotaka And Kachin-Prod By High Chief
05-Espiritu Beliko - Feat Zonah-Prod By Rhythmund Freud
06-Everday Hustle - Feat 1St Blood,The Jotaka And Topas-Prod By Dj Coach One
07-Buddah - Feat Scoti Styles And Dj Blackout-Prod By Norman Krates
08-Army Of Wicked - Feat Dark Guerrilla Chato And The Jotaka-Prod By Mental Ambasador
09-Perversos Demonios - Feat The Jotaka,Life Scientist And Poetic Death-Prod By The Soul Beat Assessinator
10-A Silent Sorrow - Feat Versos-Prod By Illuzivshadow
11-Almas Cautivas - Feat Explicito And The Jotaka-Prod By High Chief
12-Sansür - Feat Ihtiram-Prod By Ihtiram
13-Night Walkers - Feat Coach One,The Jotaka And D-Cap-Prod By Dj Coach One
14-Psycho Killas - Feat Noodles,The Jotaka,Tarantino,ShukranBogAllah And Killa Milla-Prod By Sounds Of The Soul
15-Just Another Day In The Trenches - Feat BattleGeist-Prod By Illuzivshadow
16-The Flying Guillotine - Feat Mortal Kombo And The Jotaka-Prod By The Soul Beat Assassinator
17-Ambiance Electrique - Feat Koobilai,Life Scientist And DJ Coach One-Prod By Dj Joon
18-Penuria - Feat Dramah And Zonah-Prod By Rhythmound Freud
19-Alone In The Dark - Feat Katha And Dj Blackout-Prod By Norman Krates
20-Samurai - Feat Marwa,Lysy And Dj Coach One-Prod By Mental Ambasador
21-Tales From The Dark Side - Feat The Jotaka,Katha,Torner And Rob Rod-Prod By Underconstruct